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Our green focus approach is every bit as demanding and uncompromising as everything else we do for you at 9SpotMonk. Our decade-long story of success has been written in countless corporate and wedding announcements, birth announcements, and personal correspondence. A well-designed, well-made invitation collection is just like any other beautiful set of matching items. Each piece is stunning on its own, but not nearly as much as when it is matched with the rest of its collection.

The wedding collections of 9SpotMonk are a perfect example of this. Each piece is breathtakingly simple and refined on its own, yet those qualities are magnified when viewed in total. Just as it is in marriage, the sum is greater than its parts. A standard wedding collection set from 9SpotMonk includes the following pieces designed exclusively for your day: invitations, outer envelopes, inner envelopes, reception cards, response cards & envelopes, informals & envelopes. You may also choose to add: menu cards, escort cards & envelopes, wedding programs, save the date cards & envelopes, at-home cards.

We are craftsmen devoted to perfecting the art of artisan letterpress. Letterpress is a centuries-old process that requires special training, patience and dedication to perfect, clearly separating us from standard commercial letterpress providers. In short, they are companies, and we are artists. Who would you rather have working for you when it comes to something so special?

You will either agree with the following statement, or not: design matters. If you agree, then you’ll be quite happy with the work of 9SpotMonk. Led by our principal creative, Ms. Vivian Leung, we are champions of an eclectic mix of mid 20th century American furniture design, traditional Japanese interiors, Balenciaga fashion, modern prefab architecture, contemporary fine lines, minimalist designs and ancient asian culture. This unique synthesis of styles allows us to provide the unrivaled ability to create one-of-a-kind designs for any occasion. After all, with an event as important as this, why have announcements that others have seen before?

We've evolved our paper selections so that we now feature only the finest environmentally-friendly and domestically-produced papers available. 9SpotMonk has always been known in the industry for its absolutely unrivaled taste in paper selection, but switching to an exclusive array of U.S. papers is yet another way to reduce our overall fossil-fuel consumption. The paper selection includes 100% tree-free cotton stocks as well as recycled papers by environmentally-friendly producers who use alternative power sources like wind, steam, and solar.

We use very little ink in our studio, no more than 10 to 15 pounds a year. An entire wedding suite contains as little as one to two teaspoons of ink. As an small printing company that strives to be as eco-friendly as possible, we have found that soy-based inks not are not as environmentally friendly as once thought. Substituting soy-based ink for rubber based ink does decrease the amount of petroleum usage. However, many of the world’s forest are being cut to grow soy because of the demand. Most soy-based inks are only about 20 to 30% soy oil and they are no less toxic than petroleum-based inks. Our low VOC [volatile organic compounds] rubber-based ink have the dense body texture to print much better on letterpress machines. They create beautiful tints and strong solids, creating at the end, a beautiful invitation.

Our green focus is central to the design collection. In 2009, we launched 9SpotMonk ecoModern® Letterpress. EcoModern® is much more than a trendy philosophy or mission statement. It's a way of working and thinking that places the environment first and foremost in everything we do:

Since 2009, we have converted our natural fuel usage into 100% renewable wind power by purchasing energy credits. So for every dollar we spend on fossil fuels to create work on your behalf, another dollar is being invested for us all on renewable resources.

We rely on ourselves. This means we keep all of our work in-house in our studio headquarters. Not only does this ensure that the quality of work done for you is completely controlled by 9SpotMonk Design, it also greatly reduces fossil fuel consumption because we do not physically farm your work out to other locations. We recycle plastic printing plates, and put every last piece of scrap paper into the recycling bin. In short, if we use it to help design and produce work for you - and it can be recycled - we do it.

Starting with the launch of our 9SpotMonk ecoModern® Custom Letterpress Collections, for every $100 you spend, we will make a donation to plant a tree in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil through the Nature Conservatory's Plant a Billion Trees campaign. For further information, or to plant a tree right now, please visit



Founder Vivian Leung is an award-winning designer whose passion for products and media span the ancient and the modern. Originally a designer of menswear and childrenswear, Ms. Leung brought her talents to Margeotes | Fertitta + Partners, a New York-based advertising agency. At the agency, she was responsible for revolutionary interactive brand campaigns for Bombay Sapphire and Past awards for her online work include Communication Arts Award of Excellence, Distinctive Merit from the Art Directors Club of New York, and the One Show Interactive Gold Pencil, to name a few. Vivian is a graduate of Parsons School of Design.

Partner and sister Tiffany Leung is principal creative for 9SpotMonk Kids. Prior to 9SpotMonk, Ms. Leung worked for Comedy Central as well as it's parent company, MTV Networks on broadcast and digital design. She is also a graduate of Parsons School of Design.

"Our company name came from my love of monks as a child. I spent my summers in Hong Kong since I was 2 years old and was exposed to a lot of kung fu movies. The cool togas, all that kung fu fighting, I wanted to be a monk! When I was thinking of ideas for the company name, all that good stuff came back to me. There was a monastery of monks in China who, using incense, burned 9 dots, 3x3, on their foreheads to signify devotion, sacrifice, etc. So the 9Spot part of the name signifies to me our devotion to the company and the craft of design and letterpress. I was a little nervous that the name was too abstract or weird. But it’s weird in the way where people remember. They may not remember the whole thing, but they remember." – Vivian Leung



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